5 Essential tips to arrange your furniture to attract buyers

After living in your home over the years you’ve likely found an arrangement that is practical to you; however when it comes to selling your home the ‘perfect’, most appealing layout of your furniture becomes somewhat of an art form. With this in mind here we explain how you can work your space with clever placement and savvy furniture layouts.

1. Making your furniture photo friendly

Your estate agent will most likely take the photos of your home from the corner of each room, so when you’re arranging your layout always refer back to these viewpoints to get a good idea of how the room will appear in photos. Of particular importance for viewings is how the room looks when viewed from the entrance; first impressions count, so be sure to always enter your home the way your potential buyer will, working your way from the front door, round each and every room in turn.

2. Thinking about focal points

Most living rooms and lounges have the television serving as the focal point of the room. However, when selling your home you really want to emphasise the features that will remain after you’ve moved. This could be a window, fireplace or an architectural feature. If you don’t have these things within your rooms then make a focal point yourself; use a table with a large vase or ornament, or a beautiful mirror (which has the added bonus of making the room look bigger).

3. Now it’s time for the sofa

If your sofa has its back to the door then you need to have a shuffle around so that your potential buyers aren’t met with a rather unwelcoming sight; this arrangement also makes it difficult to get a clear view of the room. This applies equally to any chairs that you may have.

If you have a feature that you’d like to highlight, such as a large bay window, you should turn your chairs towards this, as long as it doesn’t create the unwelcoming look that we’ve spoken about here.

4. Clean lines from the door to the windows

In each of your rooms you should ensure that your visitors can walk directly from the door up to the windows, which they will undoubtedly want to look out of. This also applies from room to room, so you should pay particular attention to the smaller of spaces, such as narrow corridors.

5. Using your furniture to define areas

Using your furniture to define separate areas is vital if you home has an open plan layout. Using bookcases, large plants and ornamental room dividers provides a feeling of separation, where otherwise the space may look confusing or, worse still, cramped.

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