5 tips to give your home kerb appeal


While one of the most important pieces of advice you will hear in life is to “never judge a book by its cover”, there is a lot to be said for ensuring people appreciate your home from outside. There is a growing awareness that kerb appeal is hugely important in impressing a potential buyer and this is all down to the impact that a first impression has. You shouldn’t think that kerb appeal is everything and that a great looking exterior will compensate for a substandard interior, but you cannot overlook the external aspect of your home when you want to sell your property.

If you are looking to give your home kerb appeal, here are 5 tips.

Invest in lighting

There are many accessories you can buy for the front of your home but the one that is most likely to have a positive impact is good quality lighting. This is because a well-lit entrance to your property adds security, which is a crucial aspect that property owners are looking for.

Thieves and opportunist criminals appreciate darkness and shaded areas so if the entrance to your home and external areas are well lit, you’ll find that potential buyers see a positive aspect to your home. There is also the fact that good quality lighting will help you view your home, and if you think that it looks shabby under good lighting, you will be motivated to give it a fresh coat of paint or smarten up the surroundings.

Clean your windows and upgrade frames if you have to

At a bare minimum, if you are looking to sell your home, you should look to ensure that your windows are clean. If you cannot undertake this take yourself, hiring a local window cleaner will ensure that your windows are gleaming. The issue about windows is that people only really notice them if they are dirty or in poor condition, so make sure that your windows don’t let you down.

If the quality of your window frames has seen better days, investing in new window frames is a sensible step. However, if you take this step, be sure to install window frames that match the style of your property.

Go green

In recent times, “going green” has been a sensible idea in an environmental aspect but if you are looking to create good kerb appeal at your appeal, look to add some greenery to your property. Even a window-box will add a touch of vitality and energy to your home, so invest in some plants or flowers to place outside of your home.

Add a gate

Much like adding lighting to the exterior of your home, a good quality gate will provide style and functionality. Adding as many security features as possible is important but by choosing a robust yet fashionable gate, you will create a sense of style to your home as well. It is often difficult to combine these two elements, so a simple yet secure feature is the best approach to take.

Can you add off-street parking?

This may not be applicable to all property owners but if you have available space at the entrance to your property, is it possible to convert this into a suitable area for parking? Having a parking space within a property adds security and helps to maintain the condition of a vehicle, which are positive aspects for property owners. There is also the added bonus of reducing the length of walk between parking the car and entering the home, a handy aspect if you live in an area with changeable or questionable weather!

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