6 ways to update your kitchen


The kitchen is the hub of your home life and various studies suggest the kitchen is hugely instrumental in the buying decision of someone viewing property. There have also been findings that suggest that investing in your kitchen can provide a sizable return on the value of your home. All of which makes keeping your kitchen looking as stylish and updated as possible is crucial, and here are 6 ways to update your kitchen.

Store what you don’t use and keep a clear countertop

Space is crucial all around the home but this is definitely the case when it comes to the kitchen. The first step in having a kitchen you can be proud of comes with decluttering the kitchen area. If there are kitchen utensils or equipment that you don’t use on a daily basis, tidy it away and leave your countertop looking as clean and as clear as you possibly can.

Create a harmonious look

One way to create a good look for your kitchen, which can be used by people with large or small budgets, is to create a harmonious look around the home. If you want into a kitchen and see a white toaster, a black kettle and a silver coffee maker, everything can seem out of place and the overall look of your kitchen is diminished.

If you are able to create a unified and harmonious appearance around the kitchen, you’ll find that it looks more stylish and attractive.

Store similar items together

While this helps with the style and look of a kitchen, this is a step that will make your kitchen more functional. If there are items that are used together or when undertaking certain tasks, store them together. This creates a sense of purpose to your home, which carries its own sense of style, but it will also save time and make things easier for you when you are actually cooking, baking or creating in your home.

Make the most of your space

Space is vital in every room of the home but creating space is essential in the kitchen. How you achieve this depends on the size and layout of your kitchen but whatever you have, make it work for you. If you have a high ceiling, look into hanging pots and pans from the ceiling which creates a stylish look but will also free up storage space. If you have corners or awkward spaces, they may be the perfect space to hold spices or small containers.

The important step is here is where some people may see problems; you should look to see opportunities that will improve your kitchen area and provide you with a unique style or presentation.

Organise things

No matter what you are doing in life, things look better when they are organised. This means if you have dishes, bowls or baskets that can be placed into each other do so. This also ties in with keeping items or products, including food, that are commonly used together in close proximity.

Be deliberate

If you have a style that you want to achieve or utilise, go for it. If you are selling your home you should look to create a slightly neutral vibe but if your only thoughts are about using your kitchen and making it work for you, think about your style preferences and make sure that you achieve them.

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