Energy efficiency – how to improve your grades


While there is a lot of talk about being more energy efficient and improving the energy efficiency of a home, many people are still in the dark about how to achieve this. Thankfully, the system is easy to follow and once you understand the different grades and how you can improve your energy efficiency rating, you’ll find it simple and straightforward to improve your energy grading. As you’ll see, this is a sensible step for property owners.

There is a need for property sellers to provide an Energy Performance Certificate (an EPC) which rates the energy efficiency of a property and provides a grade between G and A. Close to half of the properties in the United Kingdom are classed as a D property but if you were able to improve your EPC rating from a D to a B, you can boost the value of your home. A report undertaken by the Government suggests that moving from Grade D to Grade B can improve the value of your home by £16,000.

Each rating is provided with a score and the ratings are as follows:

  • G – 1 to 20 SAP points. This is the least efficient rating
  • F – 21 to 28 SAP points
  • E – 39 to 54 SAP points
  • D – 55 to 68 SAP points
  • C – 69 to 80 SAP points
  • B – 81 to 91 SAP points
  • A – 92 to 100 SAP points. This is the most efficient rating.

SAP stands for Standard Assessment Procedure and is a Government recommended system for standardising the way energy efficiency is rated.

How to improve your energy efficiency?

Given that the more SAP points you have, the more energy efficient your home will be, it makes sense for property owners to make changes that will boost their SAP ratings.

Introducing low energy lighting can add 2 SAP points to a home and it can save the average homeowner between £10 and £15 a year. Installing double glazing can add 4 SAP points and again, this can bring about a cost saving of between £10 and £15 each year. Insulating your hot water cylinder can add 8 SAP points and this can save between £100 and £125 each year. Insulating your roof can bring in 10 SAP points and help you save around £100 to £125 in a year.

Arranging for cavity insulation can add 13 SAP points to your tally and this can save around £100 to £125 a year. The biggest tip for obtaining SAP points is to convert to a condensing boiler. This adds 47 SAP points and it can help a homeowner save over £225 each year.

The fact that there are short and long term financial benefits to investing in energy efficiency is good because this makes it attractive to many homeowners. There is also the fact that being more energy efficient can be attractive for other reasons. Many people are committed to helping the environment which means that while being energy efficient can save money and make a home more attractive to potential buyers; it is also the right thing to do.

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