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When it comes to selling your home, there has been an acceptance that it wasn’t of benefit to sell or promote your home over the Christmas and New Year period. There are many reasons for this, some relating to the non-availability of estate agents, some relating to the fact that potential sellers wouldn’t want to open up their homes to strangers during the festive period and the fact that potential buyers would have other things to do with their time rather than undertake viewings of properties.

These elements combined, and the fact that people’s finances already take a hit during Christmas, to leave many experts saying that the festive period wasn’t good for selling homes. This meant that there was a focused approach to selling in the autumn and to the beginning of winter and then there would be a gap before the market would gear back into life in the New Year. Of course, the traditional way of doing things is no longer the best way to do things now and there have been some changes in the best times to buy or sell a home. These changes mean that you can sell before the New Year and if you are prepared to get involved with the property market, you may find that there is a great chance to sell your home at this time of year.

Potential buyers will have time to look online for new properties

One of the biggest drivers of change is the fact that online property portals provide potential buyers with the chance to look at homes at any time of day or night. It doesn’t matter if a physical estate agent store is closed over the festive period, people can look at properties and form opinions from the comfort of their own home. No longer needing to leave your home to look at a home you want to buy makes things easier for potential buyers, which means that the festive period is much more suitable for them. If people are off work and are relaxing at home, they can easily slip in half an hour or so of looking at properties online, and this means that people are keen to buy.

There is also the fact that the festive period may drive home why some people are looking for a new property. If you lack space to welcome your family or friends, or you find that your neighbours take the Christmas spirit a bit too far, you may be motivated to find a new property. Some sellers will take their homes off the market during the festive period, but this means that they will be missing out on these motivated buyers.

There is also the fact that if you have time off your work during the festive period, you may find it easier to deal with potential buyers or estate agent requests during this time. For many people, selling their home during the Christmas and New Year break is convenient, so why not think about your situation. It may be that this could be the most wonderful time of the year to sell your home.

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