The importance of dressing your home for viewings

When it comes down to selling homes we all want the best possible price and for it to sell as soon as possible.

There are a few key things that you can do to help this one of which is dressing your home for photos and viewings.

When potential buyers are looking at pictures of your home they are trying to envisage themselves and their family living there. They want to be able to appreciate the character of each room whilst imagining where their furniture will go. This is also important when they come to view the property. Below are a few pointers that can help.

Things to remember:


  • Clean all windows and glass doors, mirrors and shower screens and make sure they stay that way. This is a job that cannot be complete in thirty minutes, so it is an ongoing cleaning task to be kept up. Open windows to the garden if it is a sunny day, it looks attractive and advertises you have a nice garden to look at
  • Remember curb appeal – as we all know you only get one chance to make a first impression, which is why it is always important to remember curb appeal. This means making your sure property looks its best from the outside so when any potential viewers take a drive past or are walking up the driveway their first impression has to be a good one.
  • The garden needs to be kept mown and weeded and any nasty oil spills on the driveway dealt with so the area looks expansive and clean.


  • The kitchens must be completely spotless. Pay particular attention to chrome taps and pipes.

Fresh fruit works well in the kitchen and make sure the kitchen towels are fresh. Another little tip is to have either some freshly baked bread or freshly brewed coffee to give a welcoming smell when people enter your home.


  • Pay special attention to chrome taps and pipes and keep a supply of fluffy, colour matched towels on hand to display the bathroom to advantage. When the viewer has gone, remove them until the next viewer comes, that way you will not be constantly washing them. Ensure there is new toilet tissue and new soap near the wash basin – it looks nicer than used soap and perfumes the room.


  • Pick up dressing robes and discarded clothes from bedrooms and bathrooms and put them away.
  • Clear away any shoes from bedroom floors and hallways. All these personal items are of no interest to the viewer.
  • Put away excess family photographs in frames, they are a distraction.
  • Light perfumed candles or aroma burners in the main reception rooms, so the viewer associates your house with delightful smells.
  • Look at your house with a stranger’s eye if you can, and try to imagine what you would like to see if you were the viewer.
  • Put away old newspapers and magazines, and try not to clutter the table surfaces with correspondence.
  • Ashtrays are an absolute no-no. If you have them, wash them and put them away in a cupboard. Smokers need to realize that the smoke can be smelled but a non smoker, so the house needs to be heavily perfumed with anti-tobacco air freshener to disguise the smell of cigarettes.
  • Clean all the floors and make sure you have a working vacuum cleaner to run over the rugs or fitted carpets just prior to viewing.
  • Make sure your children have suitable containers with available space to accommodate any toys that have been left out; you can throw them into these containers and sort out where they belong later, when the viewer has gone. Similarly, keep a container handy for stowing things like remote controls, pens and pencils left on the tables etc.
  • If you have pets, pick up their food bowls and beds and put them away somewhere until the viewer has gone. Not everybody can tolerate pets so it is well not to advertise yours. Obviously if your dog is wandering around that is quite okay, but make sure that any animal droppings are cleared from lawns and pathways and that you bath your pets regularly to be sure the house does not smell of do, cat, rabbit or any other species.

Remember, you’re selling your house, not your possessions. Think of your furnishings as props, and photograph the prominent features of your house. It’s more important to capture the big bay windows in the family room than it is your favourite leather sofa.

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