The power of social media in marketing your property


A growing number of businesses are harnessing the power of social media in their marketing activities. People are still fixated with the aspect that social media is about being social! This is true, platforms like Facebook and Twitter allow people to catch up with their friends and hear the latest news and gossip. Businesses are also looking to connect with people, so surely it makes sense to promote and be active where people are.

There is a need for businesses to be sensible when using social media as a marketing tool. A company that is too aggressive with their promotional activities may struggle, and will likely be un-followed by their audience. There is a need to build a genuine relationship as opposed to focusing on making sales. However, when used correctly, social media can be a fantastic tool for many businesses in all industry sectors and this is certainly the case for property related companies.

Some of the key reasons why social media marketing is essential in selling property include:

A platform built on images and video content

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and many more are all about immediacy and this means that images and video content are very popular. If you are looking to showcase a great looking home or a stunning area, you can do this more effectively with video content. Video content can be recorded quickly, it can be uploaded in minutes and it will have a better impact for your audience.

People share content

When it comes to increasing awareness of what you offer or the property you are trying to sell, you want as many people to see your home as possible. Social media lends itself to sharing and providing relevant news or information to your followers. If you are looking to sell your home, promote it to your followers and it is likely to be shared by them, hoping you to reach out to more people.

A platform where you can answer questions

If you are selling a property, it is understandable that interested buyers will have questions they want answered. Social media is all about engagement and interactions, so you have the chance to answer questions as and when they arrive. If you respond quickly and provide people with good answers with respect to their property questions, you’ll engage your audience and be seen as a seller that can be trusted.

Position yourself as a local or industry expert

This is maybe more for estate agents as opposed to individuals selling a home, but by posting relevant and regular content on a specific industry related topic, you’ll find that you can develop a reputation for being an expert in your field. In the online era, trust is essential and you’ll find that being regarded as a local expert will go a long way in convincing people to buy from you.

You don’t need a big budget to achieve success

When it comes to marketing, the first thought of many businesses relates to budget. You can see why this is the case but with social media, you can get started with no cost at all. You may wish to consider Facebook or Twitter advertising, which provides a cost effective return on your investment, but if you want to engage an audience without spending vast amounts of money, you can with social media.

Get immediate feedback

One of the best elements of social media marketing is that you can receive immediate feedback. If you have just posted a new advert, people are likely to comment and respond straight away. This has to be seen as a positive impact, so place yourself in front of people who are keen to share their opinion and thoughts with you.

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