5 great reasons to live in Nottingham


With a city population of around 320,000 people and considerably more people living in the Urban and Metro areas that enjoy what the city has to offer, Nottingham is clearly a destination that has a lot to offer. The city is recognised as a popular tourist destination while being an area with thriving industries and a strong student body. Nottingham is a city that regularly scores highly on lists detailing the best places to live in the United Kingdom, and here are 5 great reasons to live in Nottingham.

Public transport

To make the most of a city, you need to be able to travel around the city quickly and conveniently. Even if someone is a motorist with access to a car, there will be times when they decide it is best to use public transport, and the quality of the public transport system impacts on how hospitable a city is.

Nottingham can be rightly proud of its connectivity with a tram network that provides fast, simple and environmentally friendly across the city. With the tram network reaching from Clifton and Toton Lane in the south of the city to Phoenix Park and Hucknall in the north, it is easy to get in and out of the city centre.

There is also a strong bus network and the railway station in the city connects Nottingham to the United Kingdom, including London and leading business regions. There is also the fact that East Midlands Airport is close by, allowing Nottingham residents to connect with the world.

Outdoor spaces

Many people appreciate outdoor space and the chance to unwind, socialise or exercise in their local area. There are a number of open spaces in Nottingham, allowing people to stay active and social for no cost at all. Leading attractions include Wollaton Park, Clumber Park and Rufford Park while the Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre is an ideal destination.

Add in areas like the Arboretum and the Embankment in the heart of the city and there are more than enough good quality areas to enjoy fresh air and pleasant surroundings when spending time in Nottingham.

Nottingham has a number of thriving industries

As a city with two highly regarded educational bodies, Nottingham Trent University and the University of Nottingham, Nottingham is well known throughout the world. This is a city that boasts of a high student population (around one eighth of the entire population) and this means that the employment of the city is largely focused on the service sector. The service sector is said to make up close to 90% of full-time employment in Nottingham.

Manufacturing provides just over 6% of employment in Nottingham and the city is becoming a key location for emerging and developing industries. The fact that there are leading educational bodies with strong research units on hand means that sectors like life sciences, clean energy development and digital content and development areas are thriving in Nottingham.

Fantastic range of sport, entertainment, arts and culture to enjoy

Sport is a major part of everyday life in Nottingham. Notts County are the oldest professional football side in the world while Nottingham Forest can boast of two European Cups in their history. The city is also the home of Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club, who play at Trent Bridge a cricket venue known around the globe.

When it comes to culture, there are two leading theatres in Nottingham, the Theatre Royal and the Nottingham Playhouse. There is also a number of museums and galleries in the city, including:

  • Nottingham Natural History Museum
  • Nottingham Contemporary Art Gallery
  • Nottingham Castle Museum
  • The Windmill and Science Centre
  • The Galleries of Justice

If you believe it is important to be able to let your hair down in your home town or city, the range of activities on offer in Nottingham will ensure this is a city that is good for you.

The property market

If you are looking at the property market to determine if Nottingham is a city that is suitable for you, the figures indicate that this is a city on the rise. In August of 2015, the average property price in the city has risen from £172,845 to £226,970. This is a rise of 31%.

Much of this has been driven by the explosion in prices of flats in the area, which jumped from £135,941 in August of 2015 to £281,960 by August of 2016. This relates closely to the growing student market and is an area where many investors have been focusing on, intent on benefitting from the rental demand in the city.

The other property types in the city have also seen property prices rise, which is indicative of a city that is on the up. There is no suggestion that the demand for property in Nottingham has peaked, which means that the market is still likely to prosper in the years ahead.

There are countless reasons to live in Nottingham and a lot of people will have their own personal reasons to move to the city. However, these 5 reasons will provide virtually everyone with motivation to seriously consider the Nottingham property market.

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