7 steps to good feng shui in your home


When it comes to creating the best atmosphere in your home and being proud of your property, there are a growing number of people taking an interest in Feng Shui. Some of the Feng Shui tips for your home chime with common sense and will be cited by many designers but there are also some which may sound intriguing when you first hear them.

Regardless, understanding Feng Shui and using this as your starting point in designing your home can be of great benefit, so here are 7 steps to good Feng Shui in your home.

Eliminate squeaks

While much of the focus of Feng Shui falls on the look and placement of items within the home, it is important to bear sound and noise in mind as well. If you are experiencing unpleasant or unexpected sounds at times, the peaceful energy and momentum of the home will be lost. This is why you should look out for any doors or drawers that squeak and if they do, you will need to repair them.

Use your front door

If you are the sort of person that drives your car into your garage and enters your home through a side or back door, you may be negatively impacting on the flow of your home. Feng Shui places a great deal of importance on energy flows, and this is why you should be looking to use your front door on a regular basis. Opening your front door and entering your property provides you with a Feng Shui balance that will radiate throughout your home.

Fill space above cabinets

It is considered bad Feng Shui to have space above kitchen cabinets so if you do have space, you need to fill it with something. This may provide you with another storage option but choosing to place plants or a light in this area can create a sense of energy.

Ensure your bathroom door is closed

This is a sensible tip when it comes to your home at the best of times. Whether this is out of modesty or looking to retain any nasty odours in one place, most people will look to have their bathroom door closed over as often as possible but there is a Feng Shui element to it as well. Water is linked to wealth in Feng Shui, so many experts suggest keeping your bathroom door to prevent your money from being flushed away with your water.

Place your bed in the right location

The most important furniture in your home should hold a “commanding position” and given the amount of hours you spend in bed, your bed is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your home. In brief, Feng Shui suggests that when you are in bed you should be facing the door but not being located right in front of your door.

Cover the TV in your bedroom

This is something that many people agree with and a TV can draw some energy from your bedroom, making it difficult to sleep. If you do insist on having a TV in your bedroom, cover it up when it is not in use.

Ensure windows are clean

This is a tip that virtually all designers will tell you to follow through with but Feng Shui dictates that your windows are your eyes to the world, so you should endeavour to keep them as clean as possible at all times.

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