Appeal to buyers senses


To make your home appeal to a buyer, you need to please them and make your home as attractive as possible. Different people have different opinions on what is attractive but if you focus on all five senses, you’ll find that you significantly improve the likelihood of catching the attention of a potential buyer, for all of the right reasons.

The five senses, which are listed below, can all help you to stage your home in the most effective manner.


Sight is an obvious sense to focus on and it is the sense that you should be focusing on naturally. You need your home to be tidy, it should be clean and your fittings and furniture should be attractive. The majority of your actions in staging your home will be based on appealing to sight, so get this right first and then focus on appealing to the other sense.


If there is a lot of noise from the outside of your home, it is only natural that a potential buyer would be concerned about moving into a noisy area or buying a noisy home. It may be that your home is noisy because of poor quality insulation or a lack of insulation at your home. If your neighbours are noisy at times (and you can discuss the issue with them without causing problems), it makes sense to advise them of any viewing times and request if they can minimise noise during these times.

It would be worthwhile having the insulation of your home reviewed and if you have the time or budget, investing in insulation solutions at your property. You should also look to minimise any noise or sound at your property when you are conducting a viewing. This means turning the TV and radio off and if you have young children or pets, it is often best to have someone else look after them during a viewing.

Dogs barking and children making noise are everyday sounds in a home, but if you want a potential buyer to view your home positively, it is best to provide them with a blank canvas. Creating a calm and peaceful environment is an effective way of appealing to a buyer, making them feel as though they can relax at home.


Appealing to the sense of smell is a tip that has been a staple of staging homes in recent times. Advice like brewing fresh coffee or baking bread is stated regularly, and they help to make a property feel homely. If you have the time and you can bake or cook, be sure to have some great home-cooking smells on offer when people view your property.

Of course, when it comes to smells at your home, it is often as much about minimising the impact of nasty odours as it is about adding a great scent. If you have pets at home or there are nasty odours at your property, you have to minimise them and preferably remove them at source. Lingering smells and odours will cause a bad impression for any buyer, so you need to create a positive and fresh smell at your home.

If you work hard on masking odours, you may find that some buyers will be suspicious of your actions. With this in mind, your initial focus should be on removing bad odours and neutralising the smell of your property.


There are a number of ways in which you can improve the likelihood of selling a home by focusing on the touch and feeling sensations. In the spring and summer, you should look to create a cool, light and refreshing atmosphere at your home. Opening doors and windows can help to freshen up a room and neutralise bad odours but it can also ensure your home is appealing to guests when they walk in.

During autumn and winter, there is more of a focus on creating a warm and homely atmosphere. You should be looking to add warmth to your home while also adding rugs, throws and cushions to make the home more comfortable and soft touch.

Another thing to focus on when it comes to the sense of touch is making sure your surfaces are clean. Buyers will run their fingers over worktops, cabinets and around showers and bathroom fittings to test for dirt and the general consistency of the home.

Your kitchen worktop may look clean but does it feel clean when people run their hands over it? You need to bear in mind that touching and feeling is a strong emotion for many people. A cold bathroom, shower or kitchen can seem clinical and of a high standard but in a living area, you want a cuddlier and more welcoming atmosphere. Plump cushions and throws can make your living area much more tactile and attractive to a potential buyer.

Yes, the buyer is likely to add their own sense of style to a room but if you can make your current room feel welcoming, it will go a long way to impacting on their mind-set.


If you are indulging in home baking or cooking to improve the smells of your home, why not give your property viewers a taste sensation? Offering your guests something to eat which you baked at home is not only polite and welcoming; it also showcases what can be done in your kitchen. This can act as a subtle hint to potential buyers as to what they can achieve if they buy this home.

If you only focus on appealing to the sense of sight, you run the risk of missing out on a sale. There are five senses to appeal to and if you want to sell your home effectively, be proactive in appealing to all five senses.

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