Brighten up your home this spring


Spring cleaning used to be a time to tidy up and declutter your home but nowadays it is a time to reinvent your home. If you want to make the best impression while brightening up your home this spring, here are some of the hottest interior design trends for 2016.

Black and white décor

While some will argue that minimalism never went away, it is definitely on point in 2016. Moving away from bright and colourful patterns and chevrons, muted palettes appear to be the “in thing” for home décor in spring. There has been a movement towards this with studies indicate that black and white décor has increased by 40% in the last twelve months on Pinterest.

A matte finish

If 2015 was all about a metallic finish, online vendors and style gurus are making a bold move this year with matte finishes being all the range. The good news is that if you went all-in on the metallic look last year, your new matte finished style will look very impressive next to your metal objects.

Crochet textiles

Boho chic may be the number one look for summer festivals but it is also creeping into the home this spring. Small touches like crochet covers and spreads can provide a whole new look to a property but if you want to go all out for that relaxed vibe, why not consider a crochet hammock.


Don’t believe that everything is soft and sweet though because it looks as though marble is making a comeback in 2016. It is not as if the majority of homeowners will be able to indulge in a massive love of marble but indulging in a number of smaller items, such as coasters, candleholders, planters or even clocks will create a sense of style that is very much of the moment this spring.

Grey hardwood floors

Combining with the returned focus on minimalism, Pinterest also suggests that there is a greater level of interest in this style of hardwood floor. The social media site indicates that the number of pins for grey hardwood floors has risen by 20% since last year.

Textiles from around the world

You don’t need to have travelled the world to bring some colour and culture to your home but of course, if you have, it makes perfect sense to brighten your property. Colourful woven fabrics from destinations like Turkey and Guatemala look to be trending this spring so if you are looking for a quick and convenient way to brighten your property, global textiles could hold the key.

A farmhouse kitchen

If you are going to go all out with kitchen renovation (while remembering the kitchen is the hub of family life and is often the most important factor for potential buyers), the kitchen trend for spring 2016 is a rustic farmhouse kitchen. Combining the convenience of a modern kitchen with the style and charm of a traditional kitchen gives you the best of both worlds and is a brilliant way to revitalise your kitchen.

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