Christmas decoration trends for 2015


While many people consider Christmas decorations to be classic and timeless, reverting back to the style that they have known for years, there are always new twists and trends to look out for with respect to Christmas decorations. This year is no exception and there are some notable Christmas decorations trends for 2015 that are well worth looking out for.

In line with recent years, blue is considered to be a prominent colour when it comes to trees and decorations. The leading blue tinge has been complemented by whites and silvers but this year, the leading colours to match with blue would be gold and champagne.

Another big trend this year would be frosted decorations with icicle decorations playing a big role for many people. It may be that the smash hit Frozen movie is impacting on this trend or it could be the fact that this style of design combines a great fresh look with something that harks back to a traditional Christmas and wintry scene. This is the sort of look that combines the old and the new, making it an excellent choice for many people.

In the past few years, there has been an increase in the number of metallic elements and finishes on offer with respect to Christmas decorations. This looks set to continue this year and alongside gold finishes, you can expect to find coppers, browns and pewters.

Glitter is a great addition to your Christmas decorations

Glitter is always a strong component of Christmas decorations and fun, so if you are looking to ensure that you have a stylish home that spells fun and style, make sure that you add plenty of glitter. Green appears to be the on-trend colour for glitter this year so be sure to apply plenty of reds and green glitter to create a festive spirit around your home.

Another big trend for Christmas decorations in 2015 is the use of natural finished and textures. This helps to create a sense of a traditional Christmas but it also provides a different outlook from the metallic finishes that have become very popular of late. There are a couple of different options when it comes to enjoying a natural finish this festive season. If you opt for a lighter tone, you will find that it helps to create a Scandinavian feel to your Christmas decorations. If you instead opt for a darker wood tone, you will find that this helps to create a warm and natural glow. This style of finish works extremely well with greens and reds, helping to create an attractive appearance in your home or garden.

While there is always a lot to be said for following your own personal style and taste when it comes to Christmas decorations, it can be nice to update your style every passing year. It can be good to initiate traditions around the festive period but every Christmas should be celebrated in its own right and this is where adding a new touch or twist to your decorations can help you to commemorate each year in its own special way.

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