Current house price data for Nottingham City Centre

Flat and house prices in NG1

With increasing clarity from the government, the housing market is returning to it’s usual stride. Looking at quarter-on-quarter price data in NG1, we can see that the average sold prices of houses is up 37.0 per cent since the first quarter of 2016.


Promising sales levels in NG1

The weather may still be warming up outside, but it’s already a hot time of year for the property market. The expected uptick in sales has materialised as you can see from the chart. Particularly notable are sales levels of flats, which have increased 67.6 per cent since the second quarter of 2016.


Occupancy levels in NG1

Want to know how in demand properties in a given area are? Occupancy is a useful indicator for demand, as well as illustrating how spacious or cosy properties are in the local area. In NG1, 31.6 per cent of properties have no extra rooms and 29.7 per cent have one too few rooms.


How many second home owners are there in NG1?

The number of second homes registered in a local area can really give you a feel of if the area is right for you. In NG1, the mix is as follows:

No 2nd address


2nd address within the UK


2nd address outside the UK


(Dated May 2017)

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