Edwalton is the place to live!


Edwalton is a suburb of Nottingham found to the south of the city and it shares a border with Gamston and West Bridgford. The present day Edwalton is a combination of Edwalton Village, which is the older part of the area and of a number of post-war housing estates, which have considerably raised the population of the local area.

When it comes to facilities in Edwalton, you will find a state primary school and the Church of the Holy Rood. There are a number of small stores and retailers operating in the main shopping area, founs in Earlswood Drive, and for people looking to find a sporting outlet, there is a golf course in Edwalton. There are plans to bring more facilities to the local area but as of yet, these are still being debated by local councils.

There are not many public transport options in Edwalton

When it comes to public transport in Edwalton, there are two bus services that run through the local area. There is a service provided by Nottingham City Transport which connects residents to Nottingham via West Bridgford and there is a Trent Barton service connecting Edwalton to Nottingham Broadmarsh via a number of local villages and smaller areas.

As of November 2015, 2 bedroom properties in Edwalton were on offer between £185,000 and £230,000. You can find 3 bedroom properties in Edwalton on offer between £199,500 and £399,000 with prices higher than £300,000 being the more common sort of pricing for this style of home. For larger sized houses, there is a wide range of prices on offer, based on location and condition of homes. There are five bedroom properties in the exclusive Melton Road area of Edwalton which are on the market for more than £1m. There is clearly a market for everyone in this part of the country, and it is a simple commute to the heart of Nottingham but the size and style of the area lends itself to people who are quite affluent.

This is what you would expect from an area in the suburbs with a number of property areas that cater for the well-off or smart investor. The fact that there is a primary school in Edwalton suggests that it is a reasonable place for families to live but you will find that this area is predominantly for people who may not be retired but who have made their money and have probably seen their children leave home.

This perception of the area ties in with the demographic breakdown of the area, and of the demographic area of this part of Nottinghamshire. It is recognised as an area that has a greater percentage of property ownership than the national average, and it has a higher proportion of elderly people living in the area than the national average. Statistics do not tell you everything about what an area has to offer but when it comes to getting a handle on what Edwalton provides to residents, the quick statistics provide a good introduction to what this area can provide.

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