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Buying furniture is an essential task but it isn’t always an easy job. The advent of online shopping has helped people to peruse furniture and have it delivered to their home, which removes much of the stress and hassle of buying furniture. However, there are many places where people can buy furniture on the internet, and quite often people don’t know where to begin. In this online furniture guide, we look at five online furniture store options.


When it comes to buying furniture in the UK, the Swedish giant is the first name that many people instantly think of. Yes, the out of town mega-stores is still the number one IKEA experience, mainly due to the meatballs, but for convenience, buying online with IKEA is a great alternative.

You know exactly what you are going to get with IKEA products. This is a brand that is known for being reliable and affordable. They may not suit every fashion taste and the idea of putting all of the parts together may be inconvenient for many people but if you have a lot of furniture to buy and you want to be confident about value for money, IKEA remains a smart and sensible choice.

Furniture Village

Furniture Village is another brand that is popular with British shoppers and the company has a range of exclusive products and items. With a great deal of British furniture on offer, you should find that buying from the Furniture Village allows you to enjoy the very best of local furniture items. You can also find a grand selection of furniture from all across the world if you’d rather look beyond Britain, so no matter what you are looking for, choosing the largest independent furniture retailer in the country is a smart decision.

With a range of delivery options, you should also find that Furniture Village can help you out.


You may think that IKEA is an iconic brand name in the furniture industry but even the Swedish giants would doff their cap to the work that has been undertaken by Habitat since the 1960s. This is a brand that has quintessential British style and quality stamped all over it and while some people consider Habitat to be on the expensive side for many standard furniture pieces, there is a sense of high regard in everything that they do.

Anyone looking to create a unified sense of style in a room or for their entire home will find that Habitat has everything they could want or need.


While some of the companies listed in this guide have been massive companies, Nest take a different approach. The company takes a lot of pride in the fact that they are a smaller company that is genuinely attached to what they do and loves what they sell. If you are looking for stunning furniture that is authentic, Nest is a site that is likely to chime with you.


Wayfair like to think that offer something for every budget, which is definitely a positive aspect when it comes to online furniture shopping. While there may be some people who need everything at the lowest price possible or there are folk who want to pay a high price for everything in the belief that equates to quality, the fact that there are so many different furniture items required for the house means people are likely to mix and match.

One family may decide that spending a lot of money on a quality couch makes sense because it will give them a good return but to justify that, they need to buy cheaper tables, chairs or drawers. Wayfair allows people to mix and match, which means you can get everything you need from one online furniture store.

Let us know your recommendations and favourite places to shop below in the comments.

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