Hot new property developments in Kensington


While there is a high level of demand for property all across London, there is something different about Kensington and the stylish west end of the English capital. This is the area that is most responsible for skewing the average property price in London and if you have money to spare, you will find that Kensington is the ideal setting to make a home for yourself in the most stylish part of London.

There is a strong level of demand for homes in Kensington but the supply of homes often falls well short of the demand. After all, if you have worked your way to the level where you can afford a home in Kensington, you aren’t going to be in a rush to sell your property. This means that the hottest new property developments happening in Kingston are hugely important, because these developments represent the best opportunity for people to find the home they are looking for.

Kensington Row

Kensington Row offers a range of 1 to 3 bedroom properties and the cheapest property on offer is available at just over 1 and a half million pounds! You can expect to pay over £4m for the biggest and most highly regarded properties in this development but no matter what apartment or penthouse is snapped up, the buyer can be confident that they are buying a property of the highest possible standard.

All of the properties have an individual design with a number of specialist interiors finishes. There will be a range of developments in Kensington Row with Thomas Earl House being the first of these. The complex is set to offer a private, safe and secluded home for property buyers and there is a concierge available at all times within the development.

Silchester – More West

This is a new development in the west of London that has already generated a lot of excitement and interest. This can be seen in the fact that all of the properties are said to be sold out. Considering there are 45 homes available for tenants, 39 homes that are offered on a shared ownership arrangement and 28 properties available for an outright sale, this is no mean feat.

Silchester contains 45 one bedroom properties, 33 two bedroom properties, 23 three bedroom properties, 10 four bedroom properties and there are 3 five bedroom properties available in the complex.

21 Young Street

This new development is located between Kensington Square and Kensington High Street, placing property owners into the heart of the local area. There will be 53 apartments in the development with options ranging from studio apartments all the way to a 3 bedroom penthouse which will have a stylish and exclusive terracing on the roof. It is believed that the complex will be completed in early 2017 and will offer a private gym, a library, a screening room, a private garden, 24 hour security and concierge services.

375 Kensington High Street

The allure of the Kensington High Street address will bring in a number of people to this new complex with prices starting at upwards of £1.2m. There will be a range of apartments, with one, two or three bedroom and there will be penthouse suites, with the complex claiming to offer a range of world class facilities.

There will be a private spa, gym and treatment rooms for residents while there is also a business lounge, underground parking and a concierge service available around the clock.

Anyone desperate to snap up property in one of the most stylish areas in Europe, let alone England, will find these new Kensington developments to be of great interest.

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