How to carry out the perfect property viewing?


When it comes to selling a home, the property viewing is often the most important stage. The online aspect of property selling is becoming increasingly important in promoting property and generating interest but the vast majority of buyers won’t decide to buy a home until they have viewed the property at least once or maybe a few times. This makes the property viewing an essential component of selling a home, which is why homeowners want to consider how to carry out the perfect property viewing.

There is clearly an emotional aspect attached to selling a home, but many homeowners would benefit from taking a more business centric approach to selling their home. This means taking a greater level of interest in the potential buyer. While the homeowner may not be able to get to know too much about the buyer before the visit, they should be looking into the demographics of who is likely to buy the home.

Also, during the property viewing itself, there should be opportunities to find out more about the buyer, and focusing on the following information can help create a picture of who is looking to buy the property:

  • Where is the person moving from?
  • What is important to them in finding a new home?
  • What other properties have they recently viewed?
  • What do they like/dislike about the current property?
  • What is their buying position?

This information can help the seller provide the potential buyer with the information they want. It can also help to develop a profile of the person or people looking to buy property, which can help to shape the way viewings are conducted in the future.

Be ready to provide information about the property

It is also likely that the potential buyer will have questions, so it is important to be as prepared as possible. The seller should be able to answer questions like:

  • How long the property has been on the market?
  • Why is the property up for sale?
  • The sales history of the property?
  • Pertinent information regarding the property and surroundings.

There is also a need to create a positive impression, and this doesn’t just relate to the home, it relates to the person carrying out the viewing. You should look to be as presentable as possible, you should be present at the property before any viewer arrives and you should have all of the information that is required. The seller should also ensure that there are no nasty shocks or surprises for any viewer.

Tips to bear in mind when showcasing a property include:

  • Move from the entrance to the best room as quickly as possible –Studies indicate that buyers decide quickly when looking for a home, so start with the best room first!
  • Take the lead – Be sure to introduce rooms and show the best rooms at the start before finishing strongly. If there are weaker areas, try and place them in the middle so they are bookended by the positive aspects of the property
  • Provide a viewer with space and time to view the property – It is vital to lead and introduce rooms but equally, you shouldn’t prey on the buyer. Giving them some freedom within the context of a tour will allow them to develop a feel for the property
  • Showcase the garden before upstairs (if applicable) – It is found to be better to close the tour inside the home as opposed to in the garden, so look to show off the garden halfway through the tour
  • Showcase the bedroom in reverse order – Start with the smallest bedroom and work towards the master bedroom as this will accentuate the sense of space of the rooms
  • Ask questions – look for feedback during the tour because the potential buyer may have questions or queries you can answer


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