How to prepare your home for the first viewing


When you want to ‘wow’ potential buyers, do it from the outset of the appointment. This means making a positive first impression and sometimes you may only get a few seconds to make your mark. This means that you should place focus on the outside of your home. You should mow the loan, tidy the path and driveways, remove weeds and make sure that your hedges are all neatly trimmed. You should also look to give your doors and window frames a fresh coat of paint while also ensuring that your roof looks in great condition. You want to make sure that when people see your home, they will want to come inside to see the rest.

De-clutter your home

When it comes to the inside of your home, de-clutter as much as possible. When you remove the clutter from a room, it makes it feel more spacious and bigger, which are important aspects for any potential buyer. If you have any distinctive features around, place a focus on them and you should try to allow as much natural light into your home as you possibly can. For viewings, turn off all TVs or any other distractions. They are there to view the property.

Don’t cram items into cupboards or storage spaces

You need to remember that potential buyers will want to see every room even the cupboards and storage spaces available. This may seem like the ideal spot to hide any boxes, toys or clutter into but you will find that this could give a bad first impression when a potential buyer opens a cupboard and they are engulfed with items that were neatly packed inside.

Bathroom cleanliness

You should look to make your bathroom as tidy and clean as possible, minimising the clutter and the mass of sponges, cloths and soaps that are so easily accumulated. You should look to ensure that all shower and bath fittings are spotless and opening windows in advance of the viewing will help to minimise any excessive amounts of moisture. Top Tip: If mould has accumulated on shower and bath sealants, remove it and replace the sealants.

Prepare your Kitchen

In the kitchen, you need to make sure that all of the surfaces are clean, tidy and as shiny as possible. You should look to remove all clutter and even though it is a cliché, the smell of fresh coffee or bread can still work wonders in winning over any undecided buyer.

Managing Pets

You will also find that while your pet may be adorable, this isn’t a view that is always shared by a potential buyer. It is best to ensure that your pet isn’t around for any viewing and you should be keen to remove any trace of your pet such as hair or smell. The smell of your home is important but it is best not to mask the smell, you should look to properly remove any issues that impacts on the smell of your home and then neutralise the ambiance.

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