Interior trends this Summer


If you are looking to have a home you can be proud of this summer, you will want to stay in touch with the latest interior trends. Here are some of the biggest interior trends for the summer in 2016.


When it comes to the colours you will be desperate to have in your home this summer there are a number of options but there is a clear leader for the shade of the summer.

Leading on from trends displayed in Paris, it seems as though there is a consensus that pink is the in choice for interiors this summer. Of course, there are many different shades and hues of pink so think less Barbie and pop music, more subtle pink with a nod to pastels. This is a more laid back and relaxed style for many people and while it will provide a dash of colour, it shouldn’t clash in the way that some harsher tones may.

If you are looking for popular colour choices but don’t want to go with the industry leader this summer, you are advised to consider:

  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue

These colours are strongly connected and the sharp-eyed readers will connect these colours with the Summer Olympics (these three colours make up the national flag of Brazil), but if you are looking for an on-trend colour that isn’t pink, these should be your starting point. One example is the return of navy, which is deemed to be a colour that balances masculinity and femininity in one strong shade.


When it comes to themes that you’ll want to place into your home this summer, “past modern” is a name that keeps on cropping up. You can see why this is a functional as well as stylish addition to many homes. Given the economic constraints and pressure that many people find themselves under, being able to recycle items from previous generations is a godsend for many people.

Okay, if you cannot find any authentic items in your loft or storage space you may find yourself paying a high price for antique items or modern replicas but this is a style that can add a more timeless feel to any home.

There is also a growing trend to having various trends throughout a home. This is to somehow indicate that people have different sides to their personality and like more than one thing. Again, on a purely functional level, this can help people save money. If you are looking to introduce a new style to your home, you don’t need to go “all-in” and introduce it your entire property. You can add it to one room and then do other things with the other rooms. It may even be that you decide to introduce it to one room as a test and if you like it or it represents you, you can add it to other rooms in your home.

This basically means that you have a free pass for interior trends in the summer of 2016 and whatever you want to do, as long as you can style it out, you can justify it being on trend this year!

One other trend that appears to be gathering traction is introducing more natural elements or opting for themes with an environmental twist. There has been an upsurge in the use of Rattan furniture inside the home, previously it was utilised for garden furniture, and one current trend is for furniture and coverings to feature leaves and foliage.

This was a style that came to the fore to the 1970s, so it can tie in with the “past modern” theme that is being advocated but if there is one suggestion for interior design in the summer of 2016, it is be free and try something different.


When it comes to accessories, metals appear to be of interest in the summer of 2016. Again, this can tie in well with the “past modern” trend and you’ll find brass, copper and rose gold are in demand at the moment.

There is also a rise of the use of plants as accessories, which can also fit well with the use of nature and foliage around the home. This should ensure you can create a cohesive image and identity around the home, which is always a good thing.

Implementing any of these ideas will ensure your interior has a very contemporary feel this summer.

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