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Southwell, with a population of 6,900, is located in Nottinghamshire and is perhaps best known for the site of Southwell Minster. This is the seat of the Church of England diocese that has responsibility for Nottinghamshire. Southwell itself is located on the River Greet and lies around 14 miles to the north east of the city of Nottingham.

Transport to and from Nottingham comes via the A612 while it is also possible to reach Southwell from the north of Nottingham and villages located to the west by taking the B6386. The A617 also runs close by, located close to Hockerton and there are also two main trunk routes, the A1 and the A46, which pass by 7 miles away in Newark. This means that there are plenty of good connecting roads in the local area, which makes Southwell a handy place to stay for people looking to combine their working life with a slightly quieter domestic life.

With respect to train stations, the nearest train station is found in the village of Fiskerton. There has been acknowledgment of the commuters travelling to and from Southwell to use the train station and the demand for a service has led to a car park being built at the at the train station. As for buses, there are services run by Stagecoach East Midlands and Nottingham City Transport which provide links to Nottingham and to the surrounding villages.

Southwell performs well with respect to house ownership

When it comes to the home ownership rates, Southwell, and Nottinghamshire, has a rate of 35.7% which is higher than the national average, which comes in at 30.6%. While statistics never tell you the full story alone, this does suggest that Southwell is an area that is slightly more affluent than the rest of England. With respect to the country as a whole, Southwell has a slightly older than average population. Again, it would be unwise to read too much into this statistic without undertaking more studies but Southwell does seem like a suitable place for older families and people who have watched their children leave the family home.

In addition to the Minster, which is the parish church and cathedral, there are other historic and iconic buildings to look out for in Southwell. The run of prebendal houses located in Westgate and Church Street. There is also a peculiarity surrounding the Methodist Church due to a right-of-way which runs beneath the church, which has resulted in the venue having a larger upstairs space than the downstairs.

As of October 2015, the average price for a 2 bedroom property in Southwell ranged from £132,000 to £200,000 while 3 bedroom properties ranged from £165,000 to £400,000. Four bedroom properties have been available from as low as £250,000 but also as high £800,000 which indicated that there is a great deal of diversity with respect to four bedroom properties in Southwell. With statistics released earlier this year suggesting that the average price of a 3 bedroom house in England was £270,000, it seems that while there are affordable options in Southwell, there are also many areas which cost in excess of the national average.

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