Landlords: Ready for 2018 EPC Regulation Changes?


At Liberty Gate, we know that landlords have had a tough time of in recent years. There have been many regulation changes that you need to keep up with and there are many more on the way. One change you need to be aware of comes into effect from April of 2018. You will find that these changes related to the Energy Performance Certificate, the EPC, and your property will have to comply with the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard, or MEES.

By April of 2018, any landlord that is looking to provide a new let or who is looking to renew a let will have to ensure that their property holds an EPC rating of at least an E. A failure to comply with this regulation will see a landlord facing a fine of up to £5,000. By April of 2020, the rule changes so that all lets.

There is support for landlords

This change has been ushered in to improve the standards of rental property in the UK but it is easy to see why some landlords will feel they are being victimised. However, there are many exemptions on offer. If a landlord can show they are unable to find grants or external support for the upgrades they are allowed to make, they will be exempt from this regulation.

Other exemptions can occur when regardless of what upgrades are made the property cannot be improved to the level of an E rating or when a landlord requires external permission to make changes and this has been denied. Also, if the work would lower the value of property by 5%, as decided by an independent professional, the landlord doesn’t have to comply with these changes.

If you think your property will be affected by this and you would like to discuss your options in more detail, please call us on 0115 824 8333.

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