Mapperley Park on the rise


Mapperley Park is recognised as one of the leading areas in Nottingham and the style and nature of the area not only differentiates it from the vast majority of areas in Nottingham but also from nearby areas like Mapperley and Mapperley Plains.

The quality of housing and the area of Mapperley Park itself is noticeable and with tree-lined avenues, you can feel as though you are stepping into a bygone era. There are grand homes that offer a very traditional feel but there are modern and smaller properties, which maintain the overall grand and classic feel of the area.

There is a wide range of properties on offer in Mapperley Park

Although there is an acceptance that this is an area on the rise with stylish homes, the diversity of property sizes and styles ensures that there is a range of prices to look out for in Mapperley Park. Land Registry data suggests that property prices rose by 16% in 2015, and that the average property price is £221,339. In 2015, some of the notable average property prices included £113,308 for flats, £295,198 for semi-detached properties and £413,129 for detached properties.

The fact that Mapperley Park is a “designated conservation area” ensures that the nature of the area will remain, which will provide confidence to any property owner. This creates a long-term benefit of investing in this area.

While there is a very traditional feel to the properties and the area, Mapperley Park is able to provide a range of cafes, pubs and shops that ensures that living a modern lifestyle is simple to do. The area is also close to notable shopping centres like Sherwood and Carrington.

Mapperley Park is handily located for East Midlands Airport

Located just 6 miles from the M1 and East Midlands Airport is located just 20 miles from the area making it accessible less than 30 minutes. There are two main routes to the heart of the city, with reliable bus services utilising these routes and from Nottingham Station, the rest of the country is within reach, including London St Pancras.

Another notable reason why Mapperley Park is an attractive option for many families is the range of schools on offer. There are highly rated state schools within easy reach and there are independent schools and private options which are easily reached. Nottingham High Schools on Arboretum Street and Waverley Mount are within walking distance while private schools like The Elms and Trent College provide bus services to and from Mapperley Park for students.

Having good local schools, quality housing in a quiet area and plenty of strong transport links ensures that Mapperley Park is an area that is continually in high demand. Knowing that you are just 5 minutes away from the countryside means that Mapperley Park provides the best of both worlds, and this is why this area continues to be on the rise.

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