New Year! Is it time to make your next move?


A New Year gives many people the chance to have a clean slate and while you can make a decision on any day of the year, there is a psychological impact of a New Year that convinces people to take action. This is a factor in why the New Year is a lively time in the property.

If you are looking to move, it may be that one of the following reasons is the factor that has persuaded you to get involved with the property market. If you are currently in residence and considering moving home, the following reasons may convince you that there are enough buyers out there to provide sufficient demand for your home.

Many people view moving home as being part of their New Year resolutions

So many people make New Year’s resolutions and these often revolve around making a fresh start or doing something different. You can see why this will convince many people to move to a new home or create a fresh start in a new property.

Homes can seem bare when Christmas decorations come down, convincing people to move

People may not have thought they wanted to move but once they take down their Christmas decorations, their home may seem bleaker or less welcoming than they thought it was. A lot of people feel differently about their home after things return to normal after the festive period and this leads to an increased demand for property.

Many people wait until Christmas and New Year is over to do something new

Similarly, there may be people who have been thinking about moving but who decided to postpone their plans until after the festivities. Once the tinsel has been taken down, there is no turkey left to eat and people are back at work, there is more time to focus on other activities. This means the volume of potential buyers looking for property at this time of year should be higher.

People start looking for homes in January to be able to move in during spring

Just because you are looking for a property one day doesn’t mean you should expect to move in the next few days or even weeks. This means people looking to move in spring, when the weather is more pleasant and more suitable for moving home, should start looking for a new property in January. This will add to the volume of people looking for a new home at this time of year.

People’s finances may become clearer in the New Year or job prospects may have opened up

One reason that January has been important for the property market has been due to job movements at the start of New Year. Whether this is through companies setting new plans into place and shuffling employees around or individuals being more confident about their finances for the year ahead, there is no doubt that people business and financial circumstances in January lead to demand in the property market.

The New Year is definitely the time for a new move for many people in the property market so if your considering making 2017 the year, give us a call today on 0115 824 8333 to discuss your options.

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