Nottingham housing market update

Total housing market value in NG1

The total housing market value is a combination of the number of transactions and the average property price in a given quarter. It can give a real idea of the buoyancy of the market in Central Nottingham. The first quarter of 2016 was the largest quarter (38.6%), closely followed by the final quarter of 2015 (25.7%).


Promising sales levels

Increasing clarity in the UK’s economic future has increased confidence in the property market. A look at sales levels in Central Nottingham over the last 15 months seems to indicate this too.


Household size mix in NG1

From individuals to large families, the spread of household size can indicate the likely availability of appropriately sized properties. The most common size of household in Central Nottingham is one occupant, and makes up 51.4% of the total households in the area.


What is the property tenure composition in NG1?

One of the real tests to see if an area is suited to your tastes is to look at the composition of the household tenure types. In Central Nottingham, the mix of different household tenure types is as follows:

Owned outright


Owned with a mortgage


Shared ownership


Social rented


Private rented


(Dated April 2017)

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