Preparing your home for winter weather


Now that winter is upon us, you should look to make sure that your home is ready for the harsh winter months ahead. This is the time of year when smaller problems in your home can become bigger problems. However, taking steps to prepare your home for winter will go a long way to ensuring your home is ready for whatever the winter months throw at you.

You should check your property for draughts. The most common place for draughts to occur are doors, windows, pipes and loft hatches so check these areas first but be sure to look all around your home.

Insulate your home as best as you can

You should also aim to insulate as much of your home as possible. Insulating as much of your home as you possibly can will help you to minimise the likelihood of leaks and bursts. You should actively be looking to insulate your water ranks and pipes, which will help you to save money on energy bills and to feel more confident about maintaining the condition of your property.

Another effective way to ensure your home is warm and in good condition of the winter is to ensure that your radiators are bled. Bleeding radiators is a great way to release trapped air, which will enable hot air to circulate fully around your radiator, which will help to warm your home in a more effective manner.

Call on professionals to service your home

There is also a lot to be said for having key components of your property checked or serviced. This may mean arranging for your boiler to be serviced or you could hire a professional to examine the condition of your roof. Being proactive and hiring an experienced professional to examine the key aspects of your home will ensure you can be confident about their condition or that you can take steps to minimise any dangers or problems at your property. You should also look to clear out your drains and gutters, and if you don’t feel confident about carrying out this work, call on the experts to carry out this work for you.

A handy check-list to have when looking to prepare your home for winter would include:

  • Ensuring your walls and loft are insulated
  • Ensure all windows and doors are caulked and insulated
  • Make windows storm-proof by placing a lining of plastic inside them
  • Insulate water lines that are found on outer walls
  • If you have any snow-removal equipment, service it before the winter
  • Inspect your chimney and flues
  • Repair any issues with your roof
  • Remove or pare back any potentially dangerous tree branches

You may think that there isn’t a lot you can do to prepare your home for winter but this isn’t the case. You will find that taking a number of simple steps will go a long way to maintaining the condition of your home and ensuring that you can enjoy a comfortable and cosy home this winter.

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