Property viewing tips that give you the edge


Viewing a property can be exciting but given that it is one of the most important parts of the buying process, it is vital that this stage is taken very seriously. A property viewing can be an awkward affair but when you follow these tips and know what to look out for; you will find that the process becomes a lot easier. Most information regarding property viewings are aimed at the buyer, but it is important that the seller knows what to expect and what a buyer is looking for during the viewing process. If you are looking to sell your home, place yourself into the position of the buyer and look around the home. This may help you to uncover some shortcomings of your property, which you can rectify before genuine visitors arrive.

Here are some property viewing tips that give you the edge, regardless of your aims in the property market.

  1. Check for dampness – Signs to look out for include watermarked walls, flaky plaster and damaged skirting boards or ceilings. If a room has only been redecorated in certain places, ask why
  2. How much storage space there is – Everyone needs storage space and if there isn’t a lot of space in the property, will it be suitable for the buyer’s needs?
  3. Do you need spare rooms – You need to know what you are looking for from a home, so consider how many rooms you actually need and how much space you need in these rooms
  4. Bring an experienced person with you – If you don’t have much experience in viewing homes or buying property, feel free to bring along a friend or family member that has experience
  5. Check the structure of the home – If you are serious about buying the property, you’ll undertake a full survey or report on the home but checking the structure can give you a quick idea of what the property is like. If there are issues, it is much better to recognise them as early on as you can
  6. Don’t be rushed – It is important that you feel confident when viewing the home so don’t allow yourself to be rushed. The seller may be busy but if they are rushing you through the home, it is only natural you will be alarmed at their conduct and if they are trying to make you miss anything important. If you are the seller, try to allow the buying parties as much time and freedom as possible.
  7. Ask questions – Be sure to ask questions about the property, the local area and even as to why the seller is moving on
  8. Try things – While you don’t want to poke through people’s personal belongings, you should feel confident to turn on taps, open windows and check handles
  9. Be realistic – It would be wonderful if you viewed a property and it was a 100% match for the property of your dreams but this is unlikely to be the case. This means you need to know the elements you need to have and what you can be flexible with
  10. Plan for a second viewing at a different time – If you are serious about the property, arrange a second viewing. If you first visited at daytime, try to come back at night or make sure you have a weekday and weekend visit in. A home that seems ideal at one time may seem very different at another time of the week
  11. Look around the local area – Try to combine the property visit with a review of the local area
  12. Ask if there is a neighbourhood watch scheme – This is an aspect that may appeal to you and it will give you a sense of the spirit in the local community
  13. Use all of your senses – Looking around the home will give you a good impression of what is on offer but be sure to touch and smell the property. You will also want to listen to see if noise from outside the home, or the sound of radiators/boilers cause you any concern
  14. Be polite – Remember that you are a guest in someone’s home or that you are welcoming someone into your home. If are looking with a view to buying, it is likely that you will be warmly welcomed, but if you are polite and courteous, you’ll find that the buyer will have a better impression of you. This may lead to them providing you with more information about the home/area or when there is a tight decision to be made amongst different offers; your attitude may see you chosen as the preferred option

At Liberty Gate, we have been involved with numerous property deals, and we know the importance of the viewing stage. When you follow these tips, you should find that the process becomes a lot more productive.

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