Selling your home during winter – 10 top tips

It’s said that many avoid buying a home during winter, with many rushing to move by the beginning of the school year and sitting tight until the warmer months arrive. However, selling your home during winter is more than possible and within this guide we look at the ten essentials tips that you’ll need for doing so.

1. Making a great first impression

First impressions count, so be sure to approach your house as a potential buyer would, paying attention to every little detail, such as paint work, paving and the state of the door.

2. Homely feeling

Energy prices may be at an all-time high, but you need to ensure that your home is warm for those viewings; this is essential for them getting a homely feeling.

3. Light it up

Ideally you should try and arrange viewings during the lighter hours, however if this isn’t possible then be sure to invest in some good lighting for both outside and inside of your home.

4. Cleaning up and cleaning out

One of the very first things that buyers see will be the inside of your home from the outside. For this reason it’s vital that you ensure your windows are clean as anything other than sparkling glass may suggest an equally as unkempt home.

5. Setting the timers

Chances are that you’re not in your home around the clock and you never know when that potential buyer may drive past, so you need to ensure that your home is adequately lit throughout the darker hours. Be sure then to set lighting timers to control this element for you.

6. Get festive

A great thing about selling on the run up to the festive period is that you can really create a homely feel through decorations. This can in turn help buyers envisage their own future festivities in your home.

7. Smelling great

Don’t just think about how your home looks when selling, think also about how it smells. Be sure to choose either a plugin air freshener or, as is more atmospheric, a few well-placed scented candles.

8. Staying neutral

One of the most important things to remember when selling your home is that your potential buyers must be able to view themselves living in your home. This means that it’s vital that you neutralise any overly colourful or uniquely decorated areas. As well as this a neutral colour base of creams or magnolias will make your home look larger and more spacious.

9. Illusion of space

To compliment your newly painted rooms you should think about the way that you’re using your space. If you have storage areas, such as your wardrobes and loft, which are packed full of belongings then it may be worth either storing them elsewhere or having a clear out. This will ensure that buyers feel there is more than enough space in your home.

10. Getting online

Today it is vital that you get the most exposure for your property and this means that being online is essential. Any good estate agent will make use of this through property websites such as Zoopla and Rightmove, as well as having their own social media accounts and email shot database.

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