Spring is good news for sellers


While property sales can take place all year round, spring has traditionally been the busiest time of year for property sales. There are many reasons for this and although online property portals allow buyers to peruse all year round, the key factors that made spring the dominant period in the property market are still relevant today.

Buyers and sellers will benefit by having the deal concluded before summer

It seems as though many people spend their life dreaming of the summer months, so it makes sense that people want to have their property arrangements in place before summer. Whether this is to make things easier in dealing with school vacations, to allow people to enjoy their summer holidays without worrying about property deals or just because people want to relax in their new garden in the warmer months, spring is an important period because it comes before summer.

Many buyers are energised to buy as spring comes to life

The psychology of spring plays a part in people wanting to move home and buy new property. As the flowers start to bloom, there is a sense of optimism and the feel of a new beginning in life. This can galvanise many people into looking for a home at this time of year.

It could be argued that the New Year also provides a platform for people to evaluate their life and try something new. This is true and it will inspire some buyers to move in January or February but the adverse weather conditions at the start of the year persuade many people to hold off moving home until spring.

This is the time of year many homes and properties look their best

If you are selling your home, you want to make sure that it looks its best during viewings and this is a big factor in why spring is a great time of year to sell. The lighter nights and blooming flowers and bushes help to create a much more positive picture of a property than what would be on offer in January or February.

Homeowners find it easier to prepare their property at this time of year

The warmer weather and lighter nights also makes it easier for property owners to present their home in a positive manner. There is more time to get outside and prepare the garden and there is a chance to do positive work. Attempting to prepare a lawn in the coldest or wettest months of the year can cause more harm than good but by spring, the conditions are positive for making a strong first impression with a garden.

There may also be an argument that some people wait for the start of a new financial year to buy property, which means that this time of year is the ideal time. Spring offers reasons for buyers and sellers to be engaged in the property market and this is why spring is still regarded as a good time to sell property.

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