The beautiful village of Epperstone


Found close to Claverton and Lowdham, Epperstone is a village and a civil parish located in Nottingham. At the time of the 2011 census, the local population, which includes Gonalston, stood at 589. At just 10 miles from Nottingham, Epperstone is an area that manages to combine the peace and tranquillity of village life with easy access to one of the leading cities in the United Kingdom.

There is a strong sense of history in Epperstone. The area is listed in the 1086 Domesday Book, with reference being made to a priest and church in the area. There has also been a finding of a church which dates back to Saxon times. With other findings uncovering a piece of font and a nave wall, there are also suggestions that there was a church present in Epperstone before this era.

Like many villages in the United Kingdom, a common lies at the heart of local life. In 1768, an area was enclosed to create the Epperstone Common and this area spread out across 254 acres.

A pub lies at the heart of community life

In modern day Epperstone, one of the leading establishments is The Cross Keys. This is a pub offering meals and drinks, while providing a warm welcome for local residents and travellers. The pub underwent a significant refurbishment but it re-opened in 2015 to much fanfare and it remains an integral part of the local community. Given that there is no longer a sub post office or a local store in the village, The Cross Keys helps to provide a focal point for the community, ensuring that people can socialise with friends, neighbours and relatives in a comfortable public setting.

An important local tradition is the biennial Epperstone Festival. The event was held in June of 2015 and managed to raise close to £9,000 for charity. The funds were split amongst a number of local charities and good causes. The event itself allowed access to a range of private gardens and helped to act as a way to bring the community together.

Epperstone is able to offer a number of sporting activities for residents. There are tennis courts and there is also a regulation size cricket place. This allows the local side, Epperstone Cricket Club, to play in the cricket league for South Notts.

Transport options enhance local life

There is a regular bus service which connects Epperstone to Nottingham and other areas in the local region. The bus service also provides quick access to the Lowdham Railway Station which lies on the Nottingham Lincoln line. While Epperstone is a dream location for motorists who can enjoy the freedom of getting around, the public transport options ensure the village is well connected to villages and the major city.

The Epperstone Bypass, completed back in 1932, has long alleviated a lot of the traffic pressure that many villages experience, helping to create a quieter atmosphere in the heart of village. With minor roads linking Epperstone to other local villages like Gonalston, Wooborough and Calverston, there is a chance to explore and experience other areas with local culture and life.

The community is fiercely proud of its conservation area status, which was bestowed in 1972. An appraisal of this was concluded in February of 2005. The local church holds a Grade I listed status and there are 16 buildings with a Grade II listed status.

There have obviously been changes and upgrades made in Epperstone in recent times but the village retains a distinctive character and a sense of community spirit. Rightly regarded as a beautiful village, Epperstone has a lot to offer.

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