The hidden gem of Oxton


With a population of just over 500 people, the village of Oxton, located in Nottinghamshire, isn’t going to be considered as one of the most important places to stay in the country, but this doesn’t mean that it should be overlooked. When it comes to finding a place that offers the best of both worlds or a lot of different benefits, the hidden gem of Oxton has a lot in its favour.

Oxton is located 10 miles to the north east of Nottingham and lies 5 miles from Southwell and Lowdham while also being 2 miles from Calverton. Given that Oxton can be found on the B6386 and is located very close to the A6097 trunk road, you will find that it is a perfect base to commute to these larger areas or even the surrounding areas. Nottingham is well connected to other parts of the Midlands with many major cities within easy reach, so if you are looking for a quiet village life with the ability to connect to major cities and areas, Oxton has a lot to offer.

With respect to the rate of home ownership, you will find that Oxton has a higher rate than the national average, with an ownership percentage of 35.7% compared to 30.6% for England on the whole. This suggests that Oxton is a more affluent area than the majority of the country.

Oxton has a high level of home ownership

Oxton has a higher rate of home ownership, either outright or via a mortgage than the national average, which suggests that Oxton is a relatively affluent area. Statistics also indicate that Oxton has a population that is older than the Nottingham or national average. It is still a place for families, and an increasing number of families are looking to move to the area but the general nature of the area suggests that this is a quieter and more relaxed area to live in.

Areas of local interest include the Village Hall and the St Peter and St Paul Church. Both of these buildings reflect the history of the area, allowing you to tap into the story of the region while also benefitting from a close-knit community that provides a safe environment.

There are a number of groups and clubs in Oxton which helps to provide a social element for local residents. From film clubs to dance classes and from bell ringers to chess clubs, no matter your level of fitness or ability to get out and about, you will find that there are clubs that will help you meet people of a similar background and with similar interests.

As of October 2015, the average price for a 2 bedroom property in Oxton was around £185,000 while a 3 bedroom property was going in excess of £300,000. Four bedroom properties have been available for around £550,000 all the way through to £700,000. There are also period properties in Oxton available at a higher price, with these properties being highly attractive and indicative of an earlier time.

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