The importance of floor plans for marketing property


A well written description can be informative and provide people with plenty of ideas of how to shape the property into a home including quality images of the property. There is even a lot to be said for estate agents to provide video content of the property, allowing people to move around the different rooms and get a feel for the home.

You would think that these options would be enough to market a property and give potential buyers a feel of a home but there is something else you should be looking to provide to potential buyers and tenants. A survey undertaken by Rightmove, where they spoke to 10,000 respondents, indicated that more than 33% of potential buyers would be less inclined to ask about a property if there was no floor plan. The same survey also suggested that 20% of potential buyers would ignore a listing if it didn’t provide a floor plan.

This means that there is a need to provide a floor plan for any property that you are looking to sell or rent for that matter. Given the difficulties and levels of competition involved with the property market, you need to take advantage of anything which stands your property apart from your rivals.

A floor plan provides people with facts

One reason why a floor plan is as important as images, if not more important, is because a floor plan is a fact that you can rely on. Images can be touched up or at least taken in a flattering light or at a flattering angle to make you feel that the property is more spacious or attractive than it actually is. With a floor plan, you have the truth detailed in front of you, which is essential if you want to make the most informed decision about a property. This means that buyers and tenants want to have this information which means that people marketing property need to provide this information.

A floor plan allows users to picture the layout of a room or the home in their mind and it provides them with a chance to determine the flow of the home. There is also a lot to be said for providing the actual dimensions of the property which will allow people to determine if the furniture they have will fit in certain rooms.The Roundhouse - 2D Floor Plan

At the most basic level, potential buyers and tenants want as much relevant information as possible and when it comes to vital information for a home, the dimensions of a floor plan are essential. Providing the floor plan is not just something that helps people to decide to buy or let a home, it will also provide them with benefits after they have secured the property, so making this available as early on in the process will see you, and your property, viewed in a positive light.

If you want to make sure that you create the best possible environment to sell or let your property, providing a floor plan will ensure that potential buyers and tenants receive everything they need to make a decision on your home.

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