The importance of professional photographs


With so many properties available on the market and a high level of competition between different property sellers and landlords, it is important to make a positive first impression and to take advantage of every opportunity that you have to reach out to potential property buyers and tenants. One of the most important ways in which you can grab attention and stand out from the crowd when it comes to promoting your property is through the use of photographs.

There have been many advances in photography in recent years, but not all of them are for the best. The high standard of smartphone cameras means that virtually anyone has the tools they need to take good images but just because people have the tools to take good images doesn’t mean that they will take images. Equally, just because someone uses expensive or top of the line equipment doesn’t mean that you will get a great image but there are professional photographers who have the skills and experience to create great images.

You want to place viewers directly into your home and the right style of photograph will do that. The essence of a good photograph will follow the same ideas as how to showcase your home when someone comes to visit.

You want to:

  • Showcase space around your home
  • Minimise the look and feel of someone currently living in your home
  • Showcase natural light
  • Providing an honest, yet positive, image of your home

When you provide professional photographs alongside a floor plan, you will provide people with an honest and fair representation of your property. While you want to present your property in the best possible manner, you can’t lie or be dishonest about what you offer because this will eventually cost you a sale or damage your reputation.

Always be mindful of natural light960-bracknell-gardens

Utilising natural light is important so when it comes to taking pictures, take them on a sunny day and open the blinds as much as you can to help make your windows look more transparent. You should also consider turning off your interior lights because these lights can create shadows, which will make your room look smaller. In fact, you should look to take pictures that showcase your flooring and your ceiling because this will provide your buyers with a more inclusive view of your home.

When you think about the volume of properties on sale or to let, or the number of relevant homes on offer in an online search, you will see that there is a great deal of competition. This means that you need to offer more to stand out from the crowd and draw people in. Good quality and relevant images will stand you out from the crowd and will make people more likely to arrange a viewing or ask for more information.

It is important to know that good quality professional photographs alone are not enough to make a sale or get a let, but it is true to say that bad quality photographs can lose you a sale or a let, or make people dismiss your property entirely. There are many steps involved with promoting or selling your property and great images are just one of the vital steps that will make a difference in successfully promoting a property.

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