Tips to reduce your household bills


When it comes to your household bills, it can be easy to take things for granted and just accept your bills for what they are. This isn’t the best approach to dealing with finances though and if you are looking to have more money in your pocket, here are some tips to reduce your household bills.

Pay bills online

You will find that many utility providers will offer a discount to customers that choose paperless billing and pay their bills online. This may not be a huge saving but when used in conjunction with other steps, it can all add up. There is also the convenience of being able to pay online and you can play your part in helping the environment in reducing the amount of paper that is used.

Take more than one service from a provider

You may find that some companies you already deal with offer a wide range of services and if you take a number of services from them, you may be able to reduce your overall costs.

An example of this would be Sky TV. Sky also offers broadband packages and phone services, and it may be that if you take all of these services from Sky, you will save money as opposed to using three different providers. This is also likely to make your life easier and leave you dealing with one company and paying one bill a month as opposed to dealing with three companies and having to remember three separate bills.

There is very little to be gained from loyalty

When it comes to utilities and services, don’t feel as though there is anything to be gained by being loyal. Many people decide to stick with the same firm for convenience but switching energy providers or broadband providers is a simple process and it can save you money if you regularly look for the best offer.

This is because these providers still focus on enticing new users as opposed to retaining users, so there is very little to be gained by being loyalty to a provider, your only loyalty should be to your wallet and making sure you have as much money in there as possible!

Review policies

If you have insurance policies or contracts out, make sure that you are making the most of them. A common example is a gym membership. There are many people all across the UK who are shelling out every month on an expensive gym contract and yet only use it once or twice a month, at best.

Review all of your contracts and agreements and determine if you are receiving value for money from them. Similarly, if you are paying for mobile phone insurance but your phone is covered under your home insurance, there is no reason to have two separate policies. Equally, if you are paying for cover on items that can be replaced at a reasonable price (say a microwave or laptop), stop your policy and benefit from the additional cash every month.

Other tips to consider include:

  • Examine your credit cards and determine if you are receiving the best deal
  • Install water meters or smart control systems
  • Can you make savings by paying by Direct Debit or Standing Order?
  • Don’t forget about supermarket own brands and the rise of lower priced supermarkets

The individual savings on every aspect of your household expenditure may not seem like a lot but if you are able to lower all of your household bills, you’ll find that the cost savings add up very quickly.

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