Top tips for choosing the right contractors to work on your property


When choosing the right contractors to work on your property, there is no shortage of professionals to call on. This means you may need assistance in finding the right professional for the role, and here are some tip tips in choosing the best contractor to work on your home.

Are they insured and licenced?

One of the first things you should ask a contractor is whether they hold suitable insurance. This is an important factor because if something does go wrong, you need to be confident that the contractor is able to deal with the consequences. A contractor who doesn’t possess insurance may pose a significant risk, which is certainly something that you want to avoid if possible. Hopefully the insurance will not be called on but if it is required, and it isn’t in place, you will find that you are placing yourself at significant risk.

There is a wide range of requirements and regulations associated with the construction industry and this means that there are a number of licences that a contractor could hold. Not every licence is relevant to every professional but depending on the work that you require undertaken, there may well be a licence that a professional should hold. Examples of areas where a licence should be held include:

  • For working with asbestos
  • Permit for the use of a builders skip
  • Working with oil and gas fires
  • Building regulations
  • Gas regulations
  • Construction site – head protection

You should enquire that a contractor is aware of the relevant regulation for their work and that they hold any licences which may be relevant for the work that they do.

The construction industry is controlled by a variety of regulations and the requirement to hold specific licences or permits to legally carry out certain types of work. An overview of these licences, permits and regulations is given below.

Do they have a proven track record in the area or for these homes?

After ensuring that a contractor is licenced and compiles with legal requirements, you can focus on the quality of their work. You should be looking for a contractor that has undertaken work in the local area and who has worked on homes that are similar to yours. This is the ideal starting point because if they have worked on homes that are like yours, they should have an understanding of what they are dealing with your property.

Can they provide you with referrals or testimonials?

You should always ask contractors for testimonials or referrals. A good contactor will have plenty of references to offer because when a contractor undertakes a good standard of work, most home owners are happy to inform others of their work. This means that a reliable contractor should have more than enough options available to them to show they can be relied on.

Similarly, you should be able to see examples of work carried out by the firm before you decide on the right contractor to use.

Are there reviews of their work online?

In a similar nature, you should be able to find reviews of a contractors work online. People love sharing their opinion and if someone has received good or bad work at their home, they will let others know on social media and on review sites.

Get a quote

Before choosing any professional, always get a quote and make sure you know exactly what you will get for your money. This is crucial because not all firms do the same level of work for the same price so what may seem like a bargain initially may actually not be value for money at all.

When hiring a contractor, remember that you are in full control and if a contractor cannot show you that they are the right choice for your home, look for another option.

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