Top tips for selling your home this Spring!

With Spring well and truly here, now is the time to start thinking about selling your home, as traditionally it is a very popular time with potential buyers. The market is full of properties for sale during this time and it’s important for you to get that all important edge over the competition.

Below are a few tips to help you sell your property this Spring.

First Impressions Count

The first thing a buyer will see is the exterior of your property so it is vital to give a great first impression.

Check and repair any garden gates or fences, paint window frames, mow the lawn and clear paths of weeds. Make the entrance of your home inviting by planting flowers in vibrant colours, yellow daffodils and tulips can be a good seasonal choice.

Spring Clean

Your home needs to sparkle and this will greatly attract potential buyers.

Make the most of the Spring sunlight by making your house as bright as possible by washing your windows inside and out. Also, polishing any mirrors, chrome or glass surfaces can help the light to bounce around your home. Focus on cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms as these are the areas which, if dirty, will put off home buyers the most. Don’t forget to dust surfaces and clean all floors as well.

Make the Most of Your Space

One of the most important factors when selling is to make your home seem as spacious as possible, as this will help buyers imagine themselves with their own possessions in your property.

The best way to do this is to de-clutter any items which may make your home seem crowded, such as photos and ornaments. Make the most of your space in the kitchen by removing any gadgets from work-tops. Also ensure any laundry is hidden and if you have an office room remove any paperwork. Even if your garage is used for a store-room try to make it as clutter free as possible so that potential buyers can see how much space there is.


At times pets can have a negative effect on potential buyers, as buyers will not have fully experienced your property’s potential.

It may be the best option to arrange for a friend or family member to look after the pet when the property viewing is taking place. Your home should be fresh so remove any litter boxes and animal beds. Ensure to give furniture a hoover to get rid of any animal hairs.

Spring Colours

Colours are important in influencing mood and bright colours can create an uplifting atmosphere.

Spring colours of yellows, pinks, pale blues and lavenders will lighten up a room. Replacing items such as bath mats, towels, throws and bedding in these colours is an inexpensive way of brightening up your home. Freshly painting a room can enhance its appearance but remember to go for a light neutral colour.

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