Top tips on getting your home ready to sell

When it comes to getting your house ready to sell, there are a number of steps you can take to ensure that the home is appealing and attractive. Many of these tips are based in common sense, so you will probably already be aware of them, but it is essential that you don’t overlook or forget them. When you want to sell your home quickly and effectively, make sure you follow this essential guide to getting your house ready to sell.

Declutter properly

One of the most important tasks you can do when getting your house ready to sell is to declutter your home. This will ensure that your home is as spacious as possible, that it is less messy and it can also make your life easier when you are getting ready to move on.

The decluttering process can be difficult, so take your time, do one room at a time and have a plan. Many people find it helps to have a number of piles. Rather than just having a pile to keep and a pile to get rid of, separate your belongings into more groups. You may find that choosing to keep, sell, give away, pass on, provide to charity and consider for later will help you to move through the process at a faster rate.

There will often be emotional reasons to hold on to certain items but if it serves no purpose, you’ll be better off moving the item on. This is why having a range of options at your disposal when reviewing your belongings can be of benefit in clearing out.

Clean the house thoroughly

Once you have decluttered and created some space, you should clean the house thoroughly. This is an essential part of preparing the home and you should look to create a style that is akin to a show-home. Whether you do this yourself or you hire a cleaning professional to do the work for you is up to you, but a cleaned house is essential when you present a home to market.

Remove a lot of the personal touches in the home

This is a topic that splits opinion but most experts believe it is best to remove as many of the personal touches of your home as you can. This is because if your home is littered with images or items that are about you and your loved ones, it will feel like your home. This can prevent potential buyers from imagining themselves living in the property, which may cost you a sale.

Make sure every room has a purpose

While you want to create a blank canvas with respect to what a home has to offer, there is a great deal to be said for ensuring every room has a purpose. A blank room can seem like a wasted space and certain studies suggest that a potential buyer is left underwhelmed with a completely empty room. This means it would be better to make some purchases and provide the room with a purpose, such as a home office, a gym, a playroom, a study or any other style of room.

Create a positive first impression with the outside of your home

It is likely that the first thing a potential buyer will see of your property is the garden area and outside of your home. If this is messy or in poor condition, you run the risk of the buyer forming a negative opinion of your property, and this may lead them to dislike the property, even if the inside of your home is stunning.

You should focus time and energy on creating a stylish garden area, making sure that your garden is welcoming and creates a positive impression that encourages people to see more of your home.

Focus on your doors and windows

The doors and windows of your home are extremely important. Safety, security, functionality, style and even how much money you spend on energy bills each month relate to the condition of the doors and windows, so make sure that these are in good condition and look appealing.

Create more space or the sense of space

You should try to create as much space as you can around the home and if you cannot add more space, try to create the sense of space. You can do this by adding mirrors to certain rooms as this will give the impression of more space. You don’t want to overdo this effect but it is a simple way to make a room seem larger.

Be armed with information about the home and local area

It is likely that a potential buyer will have questions regarding the property so be equipped with answers. If you can provide information about the house and the local area, you will put the buyer at ease and make them feel as though they are finding out the key aspects of the home and area.

Getting your house ready to sell is a huge step, so follow these tips and make sure you increase your chances of selling your home effectively.

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