Top tips when viewing a property


It’s easy to fall in love with a property and forget to be practical.  However, by keeping your wits about you and asking the agent direct questions during the property viewing, it’s possible to avoid any problems later on.

  •  The more pairs of eyes you have looking around a property the better.  Even if you will be living alone, take a friend or relative to view the property with you as they may spot something that you miss and they will be able to give you a second opinion, helping you make a better judgement.
  •  Give yourself plenty of time so that you are not rushing about from room to room and missing details.  You should leave at least 20-30 minutes to view the inside of a property and at least a further 30 minutes to check the outside and the local neighbourhood.
  • When going around the property, a key tip is not to get too bogged down in what the current furnishings and decoration is like.  These are important visual elements but they are also easily changed, so don’t focus on those too much, a fresh coat of paint is cheap and easy and can make a big difference!
  • You should always find out what exactly is included in the sale or letting i.e. fixtures and fittings.
  • Ask yourself if the property suits your requirements.  Think about if this property is the most practical option for your needs.  Think about whether the rooms are big enough for your furniture and whether the place will require any significant improvement.
  • If you do spot faults, you shouldn’t necessarily be put off taking the property but you should at least get a professional opinion.
  • View the outside.  It is easy to get caught up examining the inside of a property and forget to take a thorough look at the outside.  Don’t just check the house for any damage but also look how much parking space it has, the size of the front garden and what access is like.
  •  Look at the surrounding properties and ask yourself do they all look occupied?  Does it look like the owners are taking care of their properties?  These things can help you to form an impression of the area before going inside.
  • Don’t be afraid to go back!  Try to make sure you visit at different times of day, even if it’s just to the street outside to find out how noisy the local pub is at night, what the area is like at rush hour etc.

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