Video marketing is the future


While video marketing and content is becoming increasingly important for many firms, if you are an estate agent or looking to sell property, it should be an essential component of your marketing activities and strategies.

While we will provide numerous reasons as to why video marketing is the future for estate agents and property professionals, the following statistic provided by Insivia, a marketing and SEO company, in the summer of 2016 states:

Property listings with video content receive 403% more inquiries than property listings without video content.

That statistics alone should be enough to grab your attention and alert you to the power and potential of video marketing. Video is immediate and it provides more insight, so you can see why it is going to have more of an impact on viewers.

Video marketing allows people to see more of a property and get a better feel

Video content of a property is genuinely the next best thing to personally viewing a property. Clearly viewing a property is the best way for a potential buyer to get a feel for a home but video content is always available. No matter the time of day or night, no matter the weather, no matter people’s availability or where the buyer is, video content on a site or social media platform can be viewed at any time; and it provides great insight into a property.

Video content is in tune with the way people access the internet these days

Smartphone use is on the rise and more and more people are using their mobile devices to access the internet. There is a lot of statistical evidence to back this up but this is one area where the empirical evidence you see in the world around you is more than enough to tell you that mobile usage is essential in modern life.

Not everyone wants to read a lot of text on their smartphone, so providing video content makes life easier for your users, which is always a good situation for businesses to be in.

Video content is easily shared on social media

In the same study as above, Insivia stated that 92% of mobile video users share video content with other people. This is exactly what you want because when your video content is shared, it acts like a personal recommendation from an individual to another. This means new people will take a greater level of interest in what you offer as opposed to having just stumbled on your content.

Video content is the ideal media for raising awareness on social media

Social media is busy and fast-moving, so you need to grab attention quickly. This can be difficult if you only use text-based content, so video content is the ideal way to stop people in their tracks. This is because videos stand out from standard posts, so are more likely to grab attention and encourage people to watch what you provide.

Video content can be created quickly and affordably

A lot of businesses will raise concerns about video content, saying that they don’t have the skills, time, finances or equipment to record good quality video content. The great thing about video content in the property market is that there is no great need for scripts and content can be captured on smartphones.

If you have someone in your firm who has a way with words and who is confident speaking on camera by all means utilise them but in reality, it is the property that sells itself. Focus on capturing good video footage of individual rooms, moving from room to room and the outside of the property and you will have video footage that is suitable for your audience.

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