Want to sell before Christmas? Now’s the time to list


Different people have different ideas on when the best time to sell their home is. You can see why many people still prefer to sell their home in spring. Moving when the weather starts to improve should ensure that people are settled in their new home before summer, allowing them to enjoy their garden or take off on holiday while being confident they have a new home waiting for them on their return.

This isn’t the case for everyone though and other people and families will place more importance of other times of year. It would be fair to say that many people consider Christmas and New Year to be the most important time of the year. If you like to celebrate at home with family and loved ones, you need to make sure that you are settled in your home by this time.

Be settled for the festive period

This means many people want to buy a home in autumn and early winter to give them a chance to be settled for the festive period. It also means that people selling their home should also be settled in their new property in time for the Christmas season. At the start of October, the countdown is on to ensure you are all settled for the festive period, and this is why you need to place your property on the market now.

The use of online property portals means your property can be listed and placed in front of a wide range of viewers in no time at all, so there is still time to act now and sell your property quickly. The emergence of online property portals and websites means that a lot of the time has been removed from the listing, negotiating and selling process. Traditionally, you would prefer to have more time when looking to sell your home before Christmas but in the modern era, a period of two months isn’t bad at all when looking to sell a good quality of home.

Some key aspects that influence the importance of the property market in autumn include:

  • Savvier buyers want to see properties in autumn so they can better its condition
  • Some properties and areas look fantastic in the autumnal haze and glow
  • Many people have been busy over the summer and are only now finding time to focus on the property market
  • With some property owners not placing their property on the market until spring, there is less competition at this time of year

This means that the festive period doesn’t have to be the only driving factor in placing your property on to the market at this time of year. If being settled for Christmas and having your home decorated in great fashion is important to you, by all means use this as your chief focus and motivation to sell your property now. However, you’ll find that there are many other reasons to place your property on to the market in autumn and it could be that this decision will help you to make a quick and reliable sale.

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