Why aren’t you optimising your property for the highest price?


The vast majority of people selling their home want to sell it for the best possible price. There are other factors to consider as well but for many people, the more money they bring in from a property sale, the better their options are. This is why people should be optimising their property to achieve the highest price, but sadly, many people aren’t taking these steps.

There are many ways you can optimise your home to achieve the highest price, so be sure to consider these steps.

Have you hired the most proactive agent?

The choice of estate agent has a big impact on the way a property is presented and promoted, while a good estate agent will ensure that deals are concluded in the best possible manner. An estate agent that understands the local market and who is looking to buy a property of your type is the ideal starting point because they know where your ideal buyers are. Working with an estate agent of this nature will help to boost the attractiveness of your home, which can boost the price your property receives.

Even something as simple as having a skilled and experienced negotiator on your side can help you raise more money in the sale of your home. Not all estate agents are the same and you may be surprised at the difference in price there is when you call on the services of the most proactive agent.

Are you undertaking sufficient marketing or the right sort of marketing?

This is a step that should be undertaken with the right estate agent but the way that you market your property can have an impact on the price of your property. You want to promote the property to the right people and you need to make sure that the marketing is of the highest standard.

The emergence of online property portals has transformed the way people search for properties these days, which means that the way people promote and present their properties has changed too. Offering goods quality images and video content is the smartest way to generate interest and excitement in what your property has to offer.

The same can be said for promotional material and how content is worded and presented online. If you want to create a buzz about a property and have as many people interested in your home as possible, you need to make sure that your property is marketed to the right people in the right manner.

Have you staged the property?

Before you take images of your home or welcome potential buyers to see your home, you need to make sure your home is as attractive as possible. The starting point is ensuring the home is as clean as possible and creating as much space as possible. You should clean and de-clutter as best you can. However, this is just the starting point and there is a lot to be said for hiring a professional to stage a property.

Staging a property is the act of creating a sense of style or theme that immediately appeals to a certain type of buyer. It is more than just cleaning or redecorating, it is about making a home that the right style of buyer wants to move into. Staging a property raises interest and it can increase the amount of money a buyer is willing to pay for a property.

These are all key steps that can improve the amount of money you receive for a property. While adding more space or converting unused space into something of greater benefit is the most commonly cited way to improve the value of property, there are steps you can take that will help you to optimise your selling price.

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