Why live in Nottingham’s Lace Market?


In many major cities across the country, demand and desire for city centre living has seen many traditional buildings transformed and renovated. Some will bemoan the urbanisation of what used to be at the heart of local businesses but given that a great number of these buildings were lying empty and being left to rot, their transformation is something to celebrate.

This is certainly the case in Nottingham where the Lace Market has been transformed into an area for modern living. Here are some of the reasons to live in Nottingham’s Lace Market area.

It is a stunning area

One common aspect of city centre living in a number of major cities across the United Kingdom has been the repositioning of factories, warehouses and mills that once drove the local economy. The Lace Market area was once at the heart of the Nottingham economy but also of the lace industry for the entire world. These glorious buildings have been retained in good condition and the area is recognised as a heritage area.

Anyone that wants to live in a home and area they can be proud of while enjoying the views as they walk around the local area will find that the Lace Market is one of the most attractive locations in Nottingham.

The convenience of living in the heart of the city

While there is a touch of kudos about having a home in the NG1 postcode, it is the convenience and benefits of living at the heart of the city that makes the Lace Market an obvious choice for so many people. With a designated tram stop close by, the Lace Market is easily accessible and it is simple to reach so many locations around the city and beyond.

The Lace Market has undergone a renaissance in recent years. Nearly all of the old warehouses that were once run down during the recession years have been cleaned and renovated and have found new uses such as luxury apartments, high-spec offices and academic buildings. The London PR Agency recently opened a Midlands office in the area and many high profile design agencies such as Distinction, Erskine Design and Attitude Design have also made the Lace Market their home.

Companies have moved to the Lace Market as well

While the look and feel of the homes in the Lace Market area would be enough to entice many people to move to the area, other people are looking for more in terms of what is on offer in the local area. A number of leading design agencies have set up business in the Lace Market and this has pulled in a number of artisan stores and outlets. This has helped to create more sense of community and the sort of buyer who would be interested in city living property of this nature is also likely to enjoy coffee shops and creative outlets.

While the properties on offer provide plenty of benefits, the small sense of community that is developing in the Lace Market makes it an obvious choice for many people in and around Nottingham.

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