Why Sandiacre is on the rise


Anyone looking to determine how a particular area is faring in the property market is advised to review the change in property prices over the past 12 months. There has been an increased level of focus on Sandiacre of late, and a review of average property prices in November 2014 and November 2015 are in line with the general perception of the area.

In November 2014, the average property price in NG10, the Sandiacre postcode, stood at £133,175 and in November of 2015, this had risen to £157,968 a rise of 19%. It is important to note that not all of the property types in the local area have experienced a rise in average price. Detached properties have stayed constant, being priced at £222,774 in November 2014 and being listed at £223,320 in November of 2015. Semi-detached properties have also been consistent, dropping by just 1% in this timeframe, moving from £135,577 to £132,671.

However, terraced properties and flats have driven the change in the area. In November of 2014, the average price for a terraced property was £105,438 and this rose to £119,792 in November of 2015, a rise of 14%. Flats also rose considerably, 13%, with the November 2014 figures standing at £88,535 while the November 2015 figure stood at £100,000.

Sandiacre has a great location

Located between Nottingham and Derby as part of the Greater Nottingham urban area, Sandiacre is the ideal location for many people and family for a number of reasons. Having two major areas in close proximity is of benefit, allowing people to experience a wider variety of life. With the M1 motorway located in the area, Sandiacre is the ideal destination for people that travel around a lot and are looking for a convenient base.

Situated seven miles west of Nottingham and nine miles east of Derby, Sandiacre is part of the Greater Nottingham urban area, and is just on the western side of the River Erewash from Stapleford in Nottinghamshire. Sandiacre is neighboured by Long Eaton to the south and Risley to the west. Junction 25 of the M1 motorway lies in Sandiacre, where it crosses the A52 Brian Clough Way.

Another very positive aspect about life in Sandiacre is the fact that there are a number of well-regarded schools within close proximity. Some of the leading local primary schools are:

  • English Martyrs’ Catholic Voluntary Academy – 1.3 miles from the heart of Sandiacre
  • Ladycross Infant School – 0.1 miles from the heart of Sandiacre
  • Risley Lower Grammar CofE Primary School – 1 mile from the heart of Sandiacre
  • Sandiacre Cloudside Junior School – 0.7 miles from the heart of Sandiacre
  • Fairfield Primary Academy – 1 mile from the heart of Sandiacre

Some of the leading secondary schools in the local area are:

  • Friesland School – 0.4 miles from the heart of Sandiacre
  • George Spencer Academy and Technology College – 1.3 miles from the heart of Sandiacre
  • Wiltshorpe Community School – 1.4 miles from the heart of Sandiacre
  • The Long Eaton School – 2.2 miles from the heart of Sandiacre

Three highly regarded independents schools located close to Sandiacre area:

  • Ocbrock School
  • Trent College
  • Focus School

The latter two schools are less than 2 miles from the centre of Sandiacre, making them an excellent local option for families.

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