Why stage your property for sale?


Anyone looking to sell their home for the best price or in the most effective manner knows that presenting their home in the best possible way makes perfect sense. However, if you are looking to make the best possible impression, staging your home is the obvious step. Staging a property is the logical step after presenting a property and many homeowners call on staging professionals to ensure that their home looks as best as it possibly can. Alternatively you can seek the opinion of a member of the Liberty Gate team in Nottingham.

Staging is more involved than merely making your home look as good as possible. Staging is a process that evaluates your home and then makes recommendations on how to make as good an impression as possible.

Staging your home ensures it is properly evaluated

When a homeowner hires a professional to stage their home, they will receive an expert’s opinion on their property and how the home should be staged to appeal to buyers. This will often come in the form of a detailed report, and this should make clear the cost of staging a property. Different people have different budgets or consider different levels of expenditure to be suitable when it comes to staging a property, so having this verified at the start of the process is of great benefit.

Staging can accentuate positives and minimise shortcomings

A major benefit of staging a property comes in enhancing the unique qualities or personality of your home. It is likely that your home will have aspects that will really appeal to buyers but there may also be elements that most potential buyers will not like. Staging your home will ensure that the most important aspects of your home get a chance to shine while other areas are covered up or have attention drawn away from them.

Staging recommends which furniture should remain and what should be removed before viewings

Creating a sense of space is essential in staging your home, which means that people have to make decisions about their furniture. There is a need to create a sense of a “lived in” home but a room cannot be cluttered or too busy. Hiring the services of a staging professional will ensure that effective choices are made over what furniture should be kept and which should be removed or placed in storage.

Staging can bring in short term items to make the sale

While you should decorate your home to your taste and style, this may not be a taste and style that appeal to potential buyers of a home. Staging your home will often involve buying or hiring items to place around the home to create a different sense of atmosphere and style. This can include paintings, furniture, pottery, carpets, curtains and even aspects like doormats. When selling your home, you will find that you can hire, rather than buy, certain products to ensure that you create the best possible impression.

Staging ensures repair work gets carried out

Hiring a stager to evaluate your home will ensure that they pinpoint the repair work that needs to be carried out and the stager can even hire a recommended professional for you. If you are keen for your home to look as stylish as possible but want someone else to do the work for you, staging is the ideal option.

Staging creates the perfect finishing touches

When it comes to convincing people that your home is the ideal property for them, additional small touches can make a massive difference. A stager knows that adding fresh flowers or placing baked products in the oven just before a viewing may give your home the edge over other properties.

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