Why your agent should be carrying out viewings


While there are many important components in selling your property or letting it out, most people would agree that the viewing is a crucial stage. The property needs to be promoted and advertised in the right manner to ensure that potential buyers find out about the property being available and the legal agreements need to be properly concluded at the end but the viewings are crucial because this is the stage where the majority of potential buyers make up their mind to buy the property, or not.

This is why it is vital that you take every step to create a strong impression at this stage and there is a great deal to be said for having your agent carry out your viewing.

Agents have experience

First of all, if you may not have any experience in showing a property, are you confident that you can talk in the right manner or show off the right things? A buyer will be looking for a lot of information and if you get flustered or are unable to answer these questions; the potential buyer may be left frustrated and opt out of buying your home. This is where relying on your agent to show potential buyers around your home makes perfect sense because this is what they do day in day out.

The homeowner should occupy themselves and play a key role by ensuring the property looks tidy and well-presented but when it comes to the viewing, leave it to the experts.

Agents are not emotionally attached to the property

One of the stumbling blocks for many people selling homes is the fact that they can be emotionally attached. Many buyers choose against buying a property because they can’t imagine themselves living in the home. This often occurs because of personal artefacts and pictures around the home, but you can see how having the current owner and occupant around at a viewing reinforces the fact that it is someone else’s home.

Agents will have a better understanding of what buyers need to know

Agents will be able to pass on important facts and places of local importance. This is something that some property owners will have knowledge and understanding of but they may not. Calling on the services of an agent to provide this sort of information ensures that the potential buyer is provided with all of the information they need to know when weighing up their decision.

Agents understand legal issues relating to the purchase

Similarly, a potential buyer may have questions relating to the legal matters and administrative tasks of buying a home and a property owner may not be aware of these . This is why having an estate agent present at the viewing can make a big difference to the overall service provided to the potential buyer.

All of these reasons alone would be more than enough to make a difference when it comes to selling a home, so for all of the reasons combined, it makes sense to call on the services of an agent when providing viewings for a property.

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