Zoopla Property Power 100

We’re delighted to announce that Liberty Gate are now highly featured in the Zoopla Property Power 100 for the UK’s most influential Estate Agents in Social Media.

Social Media is now a key part of our marketing strategy as the reach of these mediums is endless, with Facebook having 1,300,000,000 active monthly users and Twitter having 227,000,000 active users, it would madness not to capitalise on them. These are not the only Social Media sites we use, we are also on other popular sites such as Google+, Instagram and LinkedIn.

You can join in the discussion of the Zoopla Property Power 100  on twitter by using the hashtag #ZPP100 you can also follow us on Twitter here @Liberty_Gate

Does your current estate agent use Social Media to help sell your property? If not, call us on 0115 853 2199 to discuss how Social Media can help sell your home!

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